Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yo, Homies!

Dig this:   Dawn of Dawn's Bloggy Blog, posted this from one of her bloggy peeps.

Freakin' Hi. Lar. E. Os.

When you actually Google it, type in something, anything.  I tried National Park Service, my trusty employer. I got this:

U.S. Nationizzle Park Service - Experience Yo Crazy-Ass Tha Ghetto - Cached - Similar
Charged wit tha trust of preservin tha natural resourcez of America.

Way too funny!  Now before you show your kids, know that every other word is the f-bomb, and is f-bombing Hi. Lar. E. Ous. 

You can't really search stuff with it, cuz you know, iT's a PAroDy!  You'll just get the spinner-of-death, but give it a whirl anyway, biaches.  Or type in You'll see what I'm not writing here.  I drop the f-bomb all the f-bombing time, but I can only type it so many times.  What if my kids ever figure out how to read this?  I yell at them not to use the f-bomb, and DH hates it (such a frickin' prude), but I suppose they could figure it out sometime. DH will probably never figure it out....


Type in Martha Stewart and get this:

Martha Stewart (MarthaStewart) on Twizzle - Cached
23 Nov · Martha Stewart ‏@MarthaStewart. There is confusion bout Everydizzle Chicken. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! It was started by mah crazy ass n' published by mah crazy ass just like martha stewart Living.

or Grand Old Party (GOP) and get:

Da American Spectator : Grand Oldskool Parties
13 hours ago ... Da Republicans n' Democratz retain they original gangsta character, mo' than a century n' a half afta they founding.

or Mitt Romney and get:

Shit fo' Clitt Romney

Deseret Shit
Clitt Romney, Obizzay To Hook up For Lunch At White Crib
Huffington Post - 4 hours ago - 1290 related articles »
WASHINGTON -- Prezzy Barack Obizzay will host his wild lil' former polistical rival Mitt Romney fo' a private lunch all up in tha White Crib Thursday, they ...

Okay, okay, just one more for the holidays:

Elf on tha Shelf > Bout Our Asses > Da Tradition - Cached
Da Elf Tradition. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch yo. Have yo ass ever wondered how tha fuck Santa knows whoz ass is naughty n' whoz ass is nice, biatch? Da Elf on tha Shelf�: A Christmas Tradizzle is tha straight-up special ...

I really should go do something vaguely useful....... been playing here way toooo long, homies! 

Oh, wait, really.... just one more......Gizoogle your college, mofo! 


Sunday, November 18, 2012

More November Nuttiness

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Our November is as busy as predicted--but knowing that it will be like this makes it tolerable.  We've had a couple of monkey wrenches thrown our way, too, what a surprise.
Wrench #1 is that in order for the boys to get jobs thru VBR, we have to contract with yet another company who are the actual providers of humans who help out.  So last Tuesday, we "had" to attend an "open house" to meet with these providers.  The "counselor" from VBR said we "had to choose a provider before leaving."  Well, I don't think so, sister.  We did, but only because I'm too damn tired to fight the system any more.  And the system is screwed up, trust me.  So now that we've done all this crap with VBR, we do it all over again with "Capabilities."  My final criteria for picking a company?  They were the closest.  I don't know why VBR actually believed we could make informed decisions standing around in a HS gym after 1 minute discussions, but there it is.  Crap.  I don't know when "Cap" will call, but it will be yet another pain.

But here's my real concern.  FTD is content to stay at home, in his room with his computer and video games.  He doesn't want lots of stuff.  In fact, he really doesn't want anything or want for anything.  So why oh why are we forcing him to get a crappy job he doesn't want to earn money he doesn't need or want? A job where he will likely be treated like the Village Idiot at that?  Why do we go thru the hoops and hassles?  The job he's going to get will suck up a job that someone else might actually want and/or need.  Why spend the extra tax dollars so he can go be miserable? So why do I bang my head in the wall to force him to work?  Why am I trying to force my Protestant work ethic down his throat, only to have him barf it back up?  He's content here.  He's found his bliss.  How many of the rest of us can say that?  Maybe he'll outgrow this phase and develop some wants. He'll never be able to support himself, and again, I thank you all for paying your taxes to help him out, so why are we doing this now?
Monkey Wrench #2.  Then let's throw this into the family mix.

BIL and 4/5s of his offspring.

My Sis's hubby is very, very ill.  Not terminally, but this isn't something from which he'll recover, but he will hopefully be able to manage.  His kids are worried about both him and my Sis, but they don't know what to do or even to say.  There's no book of instructions that comes with your parents.  We've been thru this with our own parents, so fortunately we sorta have a handle on it.  My sis and bro and I certainly had no 'expereince' when our folks passed.  I hope we can help the kids get thru this, and hope we have a longer rather than a shorter time.  I do know that we got thru it with the excellent help of Hospice of NW Ohio.  To this day, I still can say that Hospice saved my Mother's life.  True dat.

Well, how's that for downers?

Now for some uppers.
First, DD's train club exhibit at the Toledo Zoo is up and running.  I'll do a whole post on that later.

Next, BadAmy participated in Toledo's {first} Indie-Mart yesterday.  (It's a craft show, but for the hipsters in town.)  She sold a lotta yarn, but not all of it, so start checking her Etsy shop for updates.  Our little Village of Whitehouse also had an Artist's Show and Sale yesterday.  Two of my favorite potters-who-are-not-my-daughter were there, along with several other "traditional" artists. And a certain young man put in his annual appearance as Santa.  It was a wonderfully warm, Indian summer day, so very few people were up for Santa, cute as he may be.
Santa lost 40 pounds since last Christmas!  Good for him!
And for one more upper, today is my birthday.  I finally convinced my DH that I really and truly don't like surprises.  I only buy stuff I really, really like.  Since we don't have kids who will want this stuff when I kick the bucket, I'm trying not to accumulate stuff I don't love/actually need.  Well, okay, I've got way too many Christmas decorations... but I like to play with my toys.  (And everyone knows fabric doesn't count. I also have a rag quilt done for a Christmas present, just need to start snipping the hems. More on that later.)  But anywho, we got a new faucet for the kitchen sink. After 18 years here in the 'new' house, stuff is starting to break. And tomorrow the tile guy will be here to start working on the tub surround for the whirlpool tub.  That small, little bathroom will end up being the most expensive place in the house.  And I usually don't let anyone in there. (BadAmy and I refer to it as the Girls' Bathroom, aka, the not skanky-used-by-boys one.)  Okay, this hasn't been my best move, but I'm going with the 'resale value' thing, not the 'greedy, materialistic, I coulda spent my money better' thing.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Not quite this one, but close. And soooooo close to finally being done.  After 18 years, we'll finally be able to use the whirlpool tub!

If it's done by Thanksgiving, maybe I'll let the family take whirlpools. . . but only if they agree to use the same water!!!  Ha!  Toss in a little chlorine and it's like the hot tub at the motel. . . . .

I hope Thanksgiving Day finds you with loved ones, in a warm and cozy place, with wonderful food and fellowship.  We'll be eating at 5, and I'll set a place for you.  Peace and blessings to you and yours!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Who is Ranger Anna?

Okay, I'll play.

I've been reading a couple-a blogs where the blogger lets the bloggees know a little bit more about herself.  And since I've got no original or even vaguely interesting thoughts or projects right now, here goes.

Sitting on a dock in the bay..... okay, it was really a boat in a fjord.  I have a ski-slope for a chin.  

1. I'm a mid-western girl thru and thru. Actually, I'm really a Great Lakes girl.  I totally wrap myself in the sturdy mid-western values (think Prairie Home Companion here), and I need my Big Water Fix on a regular basis.  If you haven't stood on the shores of a Great Lake, you haven't been in touch with the 75 percent of you that is water.

Did you know that the Mighty Maumee River is the largest watershed of any of the Great Lakes?  Now ya do.

I'm Heinz 57 American.   My Dad was born and raised in Toledo, and his Mom was from West-by-God.  His Dad's roots remain a mystery, despite my Sis and BIL working their fingers to the bone trying to find something about the guy. Zip. Zilch. Nada.  And since he worked for the B&O Railroad, there should be records, but there ain't.  Hmmmmm...... WITSEC?

My Mom was born and raised on an island in the Tampa Bay.  Did you hear my use my Florida accent when I said that?  She was a very head-strong and determined young lady, which explains a lot about me.  Did I ever write about my 'rents WWII work?  Remind me to do that next week, if I didn't already write about it.  Anywho, I spent my first and only vacations as kid on the beach at Indian Rocks, Fla.  So I have a hefty amount of salt-water in my veins, too.  Oh, wait a minute..... Well, you get my drift.

Terra Ciea use-ta be a real island.  Not no more.

2.  I'm a mom.  Dang that's hard work.  I have the world's greatest step-daughter.  A mere technicality in my opinion, since she lived with her Dad and then her Dad and me for the majority of her growing up years.  I think of her as my daughter. We had rocky times (due to the insanity of her birth mother), but now we be bffs.  Yea.  See side bar for cutest pic evah of her and my darling SIL.

I have two sons.  Both adopted.  Both have autism.  I write about them a lot.  Things are very, very rocky with one of them right now, which has me plunged back into that perpetual state of grief where parents of kids with special needs always live.  I've said before that it never goes away, cuz it don't. See sidebar for pics of Thing One and Thing Two.

3.  I'm a wife.  Hardest job ever.  Sharing your life with someone opens you up for all sorts of stuff--the good, the bad, and the ugly.  My DH is 14 years older than me.  I fell in love with the big jerk before I figured this out, and by then it was too late.   But who can resist a guy in uniform?  It was dang near love at first phone call.  See side bar for DH doing his thang.  He's silly.  A 72 year old fart, masquerading as a 12 year old.  Oh, and he's lost 40 lbs since that pic was taken.  I'm so proud of him!  Sadly, I found most of that poundage.  Damn this middle-aged business!!

3.  I have two useless Master's Degrees.  I earned them in 2 years.  Yep, over-achiever all the way.  See note about my Mom.  I went to a small, Presbyterian liberal arts college called Alma College.  I may be unemployed, but I can take on any topic at a cocktail party.  I loved Alma.  Still do.  If anything horrid were to happen to my DH, I'd move back to AC in a heart beat.

My B.A. is Environmental Education~~Majors in Nat. Sci (a group major so I had to take 2 more classes than a plain 'ol major) and El. Ed, and minors in Sociology and 2ndary Ed..  See note about my Mom.

4.  I love to organize stuff.  Big events.  The bigger the better.  Just do what I tell you to do, and it will work out fine is my organizing philosophy.  Committees usually suck (which is blasphemous for a Presbyterian to say, we invented the evil things.  Sort of a self-abuse thing we do),  so I try to avoid them at all costs.  By the by, my next really Big Event is Whitehouse Winterfest in Feb.. Oh, yeah, you'll be hearing a lot about that.

5.  Crap.  Can't think of anything else.  Oh, yeah, there is that ranger business, but I'm not s'posed to write about that.  Hells bells.

I'm so freakin' iconographic.

Well, there you have it.  And last but not least, I'm the World's Laziest Birder.

You're it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankfully November

I love November.  I love it so much I was born in November.  Good planning on my part, eh?  Then my first niece was due on my birthday, but decided to have her own, so her big day is 10 days after mine.

Sally Seam Rip-her with her Pi clock.  Yep, a math geek. And she looks more like me than her Mom, my Sister.

 Then I fell in love with a guy whose birthday is in November.
DH with our grand-nephew who isn't crying.  DH usually puts most babies into screaming fits. This was a first.

 One of my grand nieces, Miss D, was born on my birthday.  Took her a while to grasp the part about we "share" a birthday.
Miss D is pretty much camera shy.  This is one of the few pics I have of her.  She's in the red, on the receiving end of a hug.

Yep, I love November.

Not November, but Oct. 31, 2011.  The only Trick-or-treaters we've ever had.  Sally and her sister Shay, with their kids.  Sally is holding Shay's older son, Lil'Ripper is in the middle, and Shay has her younger giraffe, er son.

If you're one of my fb peeps, you know that every day in November, I (along with lots of other folks) post at least one thing a day for which we are thankful.  Despite all the pains in the buns that come from having kids with special needs, we still have much to be thankful for.  And I count you among them. 

In other news, DD's class was here yesterday and had a nice time.  His trains were a big hit, as usual.  And our Girl's night was loverly, too.  I wish I had a Friday night that we could get together, but that won't happen for a while, because it's time for. . . .

Swanton Area Railroad and Model Club, six track O gauge layout.

Toledo Zoo~~Natural History Museum, turned train station.

DD 3 or 4 years ago.  My little guy.

. . . trains.  Lots and lots of model trains.  This group has been one of DD's fav's and I'd go almost so far as to say, a savior for him.  They accept him as their own.  We all need a group like that.

Anywho, this year the Club will be doing multiple layouts again.  We'll do O-gauge at the Zoo, beginning next Sunday when we haul the modules in, then spend the next 4 days putting up the houses and stuff, and the annual painting of the fence. This display stays up for 8 weeks, and we run trains every night from 4 to 9 or 4 to 10.  Our family covers Tuesdays.

While this is going on, we set up the the Homesprung Holidays at Wildwood Preserve.  That runs for 10 days, from 10 until 8 or 9.

But wait!  There's more!  The HO division (smaller trains = Half O gauge, get it, HO) will set up their stuff for two separate one-day shows in Swanton, and then at the Children's Wonderland in Sylvania, Ohio.  This is the first time to run there.  It's open from around 11 to 8 or something and runs for a couple of weeks, so DD and I will take 2 afternoon shifts.  I already let this teacher know that he'll be 'working' for at least 4 days in the next two months.  One of the other club members will sign his work-study papers, so he won't be counted as absent, we hope.  (It's not like we care about that, though.)

I've been going thru my toys to see what I'll use for my modules this year.  Probably pretty much the same as the past two years, I think.  We'll see.

So to make a short story long, November is a fun month for us.  Yep, the weather usually sucks, like today when it's cold, nasty, and dreary and the days are the shortest, but for us, it's our uber-busy, holiday month.  In December we sit back and enjoy the views, old movies, and family and friends. And resting is what January is for.   Oh.  And of course starting two new quilting block-of-the-month clubs!