Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Late Summer Fun

First, I'll post a raft of pics from this summer.  It's hard to do on Blogspot, and since I'm on a public wifi system, it's also slow.  But here's a sampling.
This is my summer "sewing" room.  Okay, it's the dining room table and our 'foyer' and recycling center.

"Sewing room" from the other direction, so you can see the entire kitchen.  Little bit smaller than at home....

Some of the Mad Crew at Thanksgiving Dinner.

More Mad Crew (hey, that's me!) at Thanksgiving Dinner. BW must be kinda upset with DH there.....

More from Thanksgiving.  That's Ranger Carol imparting wisdom and funny stories.  Miss ya, Carol!

More Thanksgiving fun!  And a great pic of the Divine Ms. K.

Tom's buddy from U of Toledo,  now from Lost Wages,  Jim B and his wife Sandy were here for a couple of days.   Since President O. had his pic taken in the Lower Hamilton Store at OF, we had our pic taken, too.

That's all of us at the Lower Ham.  FTD, DH, me, DD, Jim and Sandy B.

The obligatory Bison bull in rut picture.  The Hayden Valley in August is the coolest place on the planet.

Yeah.  I'm lookin' at you.  And I'm not likin' what I see.

This bull was actually licking this car.  Must have had some very tasty bugs on it.

So that's all for now.  I actually have to go earn some money.  What a great job.