Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I Should Be Doing

1. Letting my family treat me to breakfast.
2. Staining front porch.
3. Packing.
4. Finishing laundry to pack.
5. Packing office stuff.
6. Packing sewing stuff.
7. Packing daily use stuff.
8. Packing important documents stuff.

What I Am Doing. . .

Playing with new camera. Biggest issue: how to upload to iPhoto first. Hmmmmmm.....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

T - 52 Hours and Waiting for Canon

Trailer is checked and rechecked. We've got most of the "camp" boxes in, and I'm getting DD's clothes washed. He doesn't own enough clothes to pack some and leave some. When he stops growing an inch a day we might get caught up.


I have to do the sewing box and finish the office boxes today. I think my clothes are ready, and the linens are, but they go in last since I need to get them out first. I have this little obsession about getting the beds made as soon as we get there. At least we can sleep. My supervisor checked our apt earlier this week and it should be a-okay. I just hope the new staff that arrives this weekend doesn't help them selves to the furniture that's in there. After all, I had a tough time appropriating it last fall! It sort of all matches. We're going with the NPS Ranch Oak style. I'd steal our DR table if I could figure a way. We also need another chair, as there are 4 of us and only 3 DR chairs.

Ranch Oak DR set

When we left last fall, there was a 3 drawer dresser in the "Master BR" (lol!!) and an end table between the boys beds in their room, and I think there's at least one, maybe 2 coffee table things in the LR, along with a love seat and sofa. I think there's a floor lamp and a table lamp, too.

Packing with the trailer has been very 'refreshing' in that my worries about how to cram stuff in the car is gone! We can take all the lawn chairs we want! This year we're going to make better use of our "storage" locker, too. And we can leave junk in the trailer, since we can park it right in front of the apt. Yeah, not my third-bedroom-on-wheels, but still good. We even have room for sleeping bags and the tent. What a concept for spending the summer in a National Park!

DH and FTD are off to help another Scout with his Eagle project. It started out as repairs to a dock at a living history place and has turned into a 24 foot long floating, fully accessible dock. The place that needs it has sort of taken advantage of a couple of really nice folks on this one, imho. Anywho, the director was supposed to provide a dozen 55 gallon barrels for the floats and produced nary a one. And he wanted it launched today. Last night we got a note from the Scout asking if we had any clues where to get cheap barrels. DH went to McDonald's this morning, where the old farts from Swantuckey hang out, and low and behold, free barrels. He's gunna get us a couple for rain barrels. Yea.

I was hoping to get our front porch stained today, but it's raining again. Drat. On other house news, the roof is now 3/4 finished. It didn't take the crew long to get the bedroom wing done on the back since it's long and straight. But we counted boxes of "shingles" out there and they're way short. Apparently they are also hard to get because they've become very popular all of a sudden. Great.

Roof back wing

We're also having a few days of house weird heating/cooling. In the spring, the geothermal doesn't quite know what do to. It has an outside sensor, so it tries to read that and extrapolate info to the system. But around here, humidity makes a huge difference. Yesterday was one of those days when the temp wasn't too bad, but the humidity was awful. When the temp hovers day and night around 70 degrees, the system just can't make up its mind.

We also have fun news. Last year we wanted to get a new, bigger, badder camera. But the market for them was one extreme or the other and we're middle of the road types. We've had a nifty Kodak PHD (Press Here Dummy) camera for 5 years but the charging dock for it died. Last spring we bought another, somewhat bigger Kodak which totally sucks when being used. It turns out nice pics, but it's a crapshot as to what we'll get because the quality of the live view and viewfinder stink. And the battery situation was awful.

So we've bit the bullet and ordered a Canon T1i. Canon and Nikon both realized that there are amatur pros out here who like a good camera, but don't need true professional stuff. Nikon has just introduced it's D5000 for our market, but we went with the Canon because it has better video capabilties. I've had fun with the imovie stuff, so that was the deciding factor. No one in our area had either of these in stock we we ordered one. If it gets here before 2 pm on Monday, I get it. If not, I take the older Kodak and Tom tries to STOP THE PRESSES!!!!!! AT THIS VERY MOMENT, THE NEW CAMERA ARIVED!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Counting Down

T - 88 hours till take off.

Gotta fix bizarre electronic problem with power seats in the Trailblazer. Gotta learn to pull trailer. Ah, heck, I'll just get on the job training for that on Monday. Gotta pack. Gotta go to TNA chicken BBQ tomorrow night. Gotta not go insane any time soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Roof 52% Done

At one point yesterday, I was clearly outnumbered: the carpet cleaning guy was in the family room, there were 3 guys on the roof, and 2 guys in the basement--all making a huge racket!! In reality, the 6 of them weren't as noisy as my 2 sons and husband.

Today, the roof is officially half done. They also got half of the back torn off and put the underlayment materials down. Got it buttoned up enough to stand the light rain from today. The weather forecasts for the next 3 days are all over the map, so I don't know if I'll see them again or not.

roof back green 2

In other news, Channel 11, WTOL came out to interview FTD and I for a segment called "Good Newz." Cute. Anywho, they also filmed a good deal of the COH, so that will be nice to see. It will air Tuesday, May 12, in the 5:00 pm show. Of course, DD and I will be somewhere in Minnesota by then. We'll get a motel that night with wifi so we can look it up somehow. They're going to try to remember to burn a dvd for us.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Miracle of Miracles! Pics added

My fingerprints cleared! I don't think they were actually "read" but that I received dispensation from the gods. Who cares, I get to work on schedule!

In house news, the front roof is nearly done, just need to do the area around the chimney where each piece has to be cut. Then they'll start the back. I might maybe be able to see the final product, but I'm not holding my breath.

And in other exciting news, the boiler is in for the basement heating project. They'll be back to mess with it some more tomorrow, then it's up to us to get the styrofoam down and the wire mesh. They'll run the pex, then the concrete goes in. I'll just be surprised next fall when I get home.

basement heat rube goldberg

basement floor pink

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Packin' Time/ Train Show/ My son the Hobo

So now it's time to pack. But first, we decided to buy a trailer. No, not my third bedroom-craft room-office-guest room on wheels, but a 10 year old 5x8 Haulmark cargo trailer. I'll pull it out with me, using the gas-guzzling Trailblazer. So I now have one week to get comfortable driving a trailer. Drat. But in the long haul, and this one will be, it's for the best. I can take all the kitchen gear, all the bedding, a couple of small shelf things we bought, and all the electronics. DH and FTD will need only bring their e-gaming gear, all fishing tackle, and our mattress. Oh, they'll need clothes, too, I suppose. DD told me today that he's not going to wear shorts this week because he's getting ready to go back to winter in YNP. Too cute.

Yesterday was National Train Day in Toledo. DD's club set up all three displays (tho O gauge just brought half their stuff). Really well attended and lots of fun. Amtrak brought in a brand new superliner and dining car so people could tour it. When we arrived, they had to back it up about 50 yards so we got a train ride. DH came out at lunch time to relive me so I could come home. Around 4 I got home from some errands and DD is on the answering machine saying, "Call Dad and tell him I'm on the Amtrak Train and we'll be back in about an hour." Okaaaaaay. Now mind you, this is my 16 son with autism. . . . . I called DH's phone which of course went straight to voice mail and delivered the message. When Tom called me back he said he wondered about that, because DD went down to get a last look at the train before it left. Surprise! It left with your kid!!!!!
We weren't too worried, and knew that if for some reason he was the only passenger that the staff would take good care of him, or if there were lots of folks he'd be okay too. We live life on the edge. Turns out one of the adults from the club was with him. They went across the Maumee River, which is a big one, switched the engine to the back of the train and came back. What a hoot. My little hobo is growing up.

I'll be working on a youtube video of the layouts. I use AnnaDuv2 for my posts and DD uses Amtrakkid. But with all the packing I need to do, meetings I have this week, and girl friends I need to have lunch with, who knows when I'll get around to it. I'll edit this post when I get the pics.

7 days till take off, but who's counting?