Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Yo, Homies!

Dig this:   Dawn of Dawn's Bloggy Blog, posted this from one of her bloggy peeps.

Freakin' Hi. Lar. E. Os.

When you actually Google it, type in something, anything.  I tried National Park Service, my trusty employer. I got this:

U.S. Nationizzle Park Service - Experience Yo Crazy-Ass Tha Ghetto - Cached - Similar
Charged wit tha trust of preservin tha natural resourcez of America.

Way too funny!  Now before you show your kids, know that every other word is the f-bomb, and is f-bombing Hi. Lar. E. Ous. 

You can't really search stuff with it, cuz you know, iT's a PAroDy!  You'll just get the spinner-of-death, but give it a whirl anyway, biaches.  Or type in You'll see what I'm not writing here.  I drop the f-bomb all the f-bombing time, but I can only type it so many times.  What if my kids ever figure out how to read this?  I yell at them not to use the f-bomb, and DH hates it (such a frickin' prude), but I suppose they could figure it out sometime. DH will probably never figure it out....


Type in Martha Stewart and get this:

Martha Stewart (MarthaStewart) on Twizzle - Cached
23 Nov · Martha Stewart ‏@MarthaStewart. There is confusion bout Everydizzle Chicken. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! It was started by mah crazy ass n' published by mah crazy ass just like martha stewart Living.

or Grand Old Party (GOP) and get:

Da American Spectator : Grand Oldskool Parties
13 hours ago ... Da Republicans n' Democratz retain they original gangsta character, mo' than a century n' a half afta they founding.

or Mitt Romney and get:

Shit fo' Clitt Romney

Deseret Shit
Clitt Romney, Obizzay To Hook up For Lunch At White Crib
Huffington Post - 4 hours ago - 1290 related articles »
WASHINGTON -- Prezzy Barack Obizzay will host his wild lil' former polistical rival Mitt Romney fo' a private lunch all up in tha White Crib Thursday, they ...

Okay, okay, just one more for the holidays:

Elf on tha Shelf > Bout Our Asses > Da Tradition - Cached
Da Elf Tradition. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch yo. Have yo ass ever wondered how tha fuck Santa knows whoz ass is naughty n' whoz ass is nice, biatch? Da Elf on tha Shelf�: A Christmas Tradizzle is tha straight-up special ...

I really should go do something vaguely useful....... been playing here way toooo long, homies! 

Oh, wait, really.... just one more......Gizoogle your college, mofo! 


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