Monday, October 22, 2012

Ridiculous Post

Here's some pics for a fellow and also errant blogger--such as myself.  He blogs at Birds From Behind since he has such a marvelous collection of bird butz pics, or as we in the biz call it, the tourist end of the critters.

On our way back from YNP this fall, we got to see a couple of huge creatures and just to keep Dave happy, we got some good butz pics.  Enjoy......?

World's Biggest Sandhill Crane, North Dakota!

World's Biggest Sandhill Crane Butt.

Watch where you step.....

World's Biggest Turkey, Minnesota

Watch where you stand.....

Not the World's Biggest Babe the Big Blue Ox, but a darn big butt anyway! Bemidji, MN.


  1. It can't be easy to find so many big bird butts even on a long road trip.

  2. Cute post and I love all the BIG birds!