Monday, October 22, 2012

On a More Serious Note

Well, here it is.  I was told this summer to be careful of what I say on FB and in my blog.  I pulled all the posts related to my work life, all the while assuming I had some Constitutional rights regarding what I write about.  I've read them over and have put them back up, with the exception of the ones I called my Seasonal Survival Guide. (Interesting that those generated lots and lots of comments and interest......)

Anywho, last summer (2011) I read lots of books by and for birders.  Sort of a theme for the summer.

This summer, I read a dozen or so Ranger memoires.  There are lots of rangers who are recently retired who have taken pen to paper.  Apparently, you can publish a book about rangering with no problems, but blogging about rangering is worrisome.  Go figure.
Here's one I missed.  Gunna have to try to find a copy.

The Classic.

So again, if you didn't read the small and snarkey fine print over on the right side of the blog, here 'tis again.  Nothing you read here is the work of anyone but myself.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.  Not my employer's.  Not my family's.  Not nobody but little ol' me.


  1. Hi there! I have some info for you on the Pfaff 1471 that was on my blog post a couple days ago. I couldn't email you because you showed as a no-reply blogger. by the way, I love all your pictures!

    Vicki :O)

  2. I like reading about your lifer as a park ranger. What's the big deal about anyway?