Thursday, May 31, 2012

Settled in..... Mostly.

DD and I are pretty well settled in.  There are still a few things I can't locate, and the Hubby has mailed package #1 of Things I Forgot and Don't Want to Purchase New, so that will be nice.

Programs are coming along well.  I purchased a metal briefcase on Ebay for my CSI: Madison program... it will be the hook.  My opening line will be something like, "This brief case was sitting next to the building when we arrived this morning.... what do you think is in it?"  After I work out the bugs, I'll let you know how the kids respond to it.  I'm hoping we can make cultural history more fun and interesting.

I was able to finally get some sewing in today.  I was happily working along on the BOM from Craftsy, watching Downton Abbey on iTunes, when half of a rubber washer dropped out of my machine.  This can't be good.  I'll be heading to Bozeman next week to drop it off at the repair shop.  And the repair guy gets there every other week, so I'll be back then, too.  Drat.

DH might maybe be here by then, too. FTD begins work on June 11, but I haven't heard if his caregiver is lined up yet.  And one of my nieces and her babies will be back in Ohio about that time so she might want to shack up at our house for the duration.  I really need to call the nephew, too, to be sure he's moving in for sure.  Busy busy..... thank goodness for long-distance phones.

It's my lieu day, and I'm back in the office to try to pick up the new schedule.  It wouldn't work on our emails, so I'm hoping I can track down a copy here.  And while I'm doing that, it's time to see if June's BOM is ready yet!

Sorry about the lack of pics, so here's a couple of our neighborhood:
Memorial Day Weekend.... a snowy YNP tradition.

Last summer's neighbor and DD.

More of the locals.


  1. Wow... snow on Memorial Day? And buffalo taking a rest in the yard? What fun!

    Hope you get your machine back quickly....

    *waving from the east coast*

  2. Glad to hear that you found a briefcase. CSI: Madison sounds good, and I already told my son we would have to see it :) I will contact you about your schedule before we get there.

  3. Back to work and busy. Always nice when the newbies work out. We're still waiting for some volunteers to lighten our load. Sure wish we'd gotten some of that snow. Now on fire restriction in the NF. Love your neighbors.